Artist builds & photographs intricate landscapes made from food


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Gingerbread houses are for amateurs. London-based photographer Carl Warner creates and captures entire landscapes made completely out of food. The series, called "Foodscapes," has earned him worldwide recognition for his creative — and shockingly detailed — food scenes and the beautiful way he encapsulates them in photos. 

It all started about 10 years ago when he found himself at a food market, intrigued by the way some portobello mushrooms looked like trees from some alien world. He grabbed a few other ingredients, including rice seeds and beans, and took it all home with him to build a miniature scene on a tabletop. Eventually, he attracted the advertising industry, which has hired him to design and photograph these kinds of scenes for food-related products and brands. 

Warner begins the creative process by sketching a concept that serves as a blueprint for him and his team of model makers and food stylists. They then determine the best ingredients to work with and get building. These "foodscapes" are constructed on top of a large triangular tabletop in his London studio, where Warner photographs them in layers due to the time-consuming nature of the process and the fact that the lights cause the food to wilt quickly. It's all combined post-production to produce the single image. The building and photographing can take up to two to three days, and the photo retouching takes another couple of days. 

Warner's first book, "Carl Warner's Food Landscapes," portrays much of his early work and includes behind-the-scenes pictures and ingredients lists. He's also published a second book for children called "A World of Food." For more info and to buy the books, click here.

Check out some of Warner's Foodscape photos below. Visit CarlWarner.com/Foodscapes to see them all and/or order prints.


Breadford & Cheesedale


Bread Village


Cabbage Sea


Candy Cottage


Celery Island




Chocolate Express


Cucumber Bridge


EA Cottage


Fishscape 1


Pumpkin Paradise


Red Hot Chilli Scorpion


Salmon Sea


Tuscan Landscape

All photos by Carl Warner