Attention, New Yorkers: Get your free home energy audits


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This freebie is for all New Yorkers: Thanks to the Green Jobs/Green New York Act of 2009, New York homeowners can qualify for a free or reduced-cost home energy audit. Visit Nyserda.ny.gov to learn more. The assessments are on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are spent, so make sure you make your appointment now. Click here for the application.

What is a home energy audit? According to Energy Star’s website, it is the first step toward making your home more efficient. An audit helps you measure how much energy your home uses and what you can do to improve efficiency, make your home healthier and save money on utility bills.

"Home energy audits are the beginning of the solution," said Dan Kartzman, president of Powersmith Home Energy Solutions. "They are worth the time and have become very sophisticated with infrared technology that finds the tiniest wasteful and expensive air leaks in your home. Amazingly, many homeowners are unaware that this service is free through a state-sponsored program that requires zero cash. All it costs is two to three hours."

According to Kartzman, the most common places of waste are unsealed or poorly sealed cracks, inadequate or nonexistent insulation, and leaks from heating and air conditioning ducts.

If you’re more of a DIY kind of homeowner, check out Energy Star’s and The Daily Green’s guides for do-it-yourself audits.