Au gratin all the things: 13 potato-less recipes


Potatoes au gratin

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A couple of days ago, we shared all the different ways you could (and should) prepare parsnips. One of our favorites was parsnips au gratin and that got us thinking not only about how delicious potatoes au gratin are, but also about all the other vegetables that we can prepare that way. It’s a neat way to make sure you’re getting your recommended daily dose of veggies, not to mention an ingenious way to avoid the extra carbs from the potatoes.


1. Daikon au gratin

Daikon au gratin

If the pungent taste of radishes is not for you, but you still want to reap some of the vegetable’s nutritional benefits, then diakon may be just what you’re looking for. It’s a mildly flavored winter radish, which is prepared expertly by Your Lighter Side.


2. Butternut squash Dauphinoise

Butternut squash Dauphinoise

Don’t let the term “Dauphinoise” dissuade you. It’s French for potatoes that are sliced, and baked au gratin style, with milk and cheese. We love this particular recipe from Vikalinka for butternut squash au gratin.


3. Pineapple au gratin

Pineapple au gratin

Savory shouldn’t hog all spotlight. Check out this delightful dessert from Five Heart Home. Pineapple au gratin? How about yes, please, forever.


4. Asparagus au gratin

Asparagus au gratin

If you’re tired of baking asparagus and sprinkling some parmesan on it, then check out this mouthwatering for asparagus au gratin from Apron Appeal.


5. Hard boiled eggs au gratin

Hard boiled eggs au gratin

 We were admittedly intrigued by this recipe from The Greenbacks Girl for hard-boiled eggs au gratin.


6. Baked scallops au gratin

Baked scallops au gratin

Who says you can’t make a comfort dish look 10 kinds of fancy? My Recipes shows you how and, boy, those buttery scallops sure do look tasty.