Avoid these fitness time-wasters and streamline your workout for good


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Don't waste your time chit-chatting at the gym.

Ever feel like you’re putting in too much time at the gym and still not seeing results? You may not be managing your time correctly. You can get a powerful workout in 30, 15, even 10 minutes a day if you streamline your routine correctly. Fitness and nutrition expert Koya Webb (Koyawebb.com) offers some tips on how not to waste time during a workout.

Stop talking so much at the gym

While it’s great to socialize and have fun while you’re working out, you should not start a full-on gossip fest that everyone in the gym can hear. It’s just plain disrespectful, and you won’t be getting the most out of your workout. I’ve seen people come in the gym to workout, see someone they haven’t seen in a while, talk for 30 minutes and leave for breakfast together. While this is great for your social life, you just stood up your workout. Save the conversation for afterward.

Don’t just go through the motions

I love group fitness classes, but after two weeks, most people are just going through the motions. It’s so important to push yourself with each part of the class to get the most out of your workout. Whether you’re doing yoga, dance or a fitness routine, challenge yourself to get better each class and push harder than you did before. If you’re at the gym, you shouldn’t stay on 30-pound weights and 20 reps forever. You should try heavier weights and lower reps and mix it up!

Don’t get tied to the tube

It’s fine to follow your favorite workout on DVD but if you’re working out while watching your favorite TV show, you might as well just forget about it. All is not lost if you have a friend or timer that can help you stick to some quick high-intensity interval training on the commercial breaks. You can quickly get a great workout and get back to your life. It can get the heart rate up and sculpt the body in only 10 minutes.

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