Away much? Monitor & treat your pets remotely with PetSafe's new invention


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Thanks to our hectic schedules, we often have to leave our pets home alone. Ever wonder what they’re up to? Eating you out of house and home? Using your aftershave maybe?

Wonder no more. Thanks to PetSafe, you can now eavesdrop on them while they’re left to their own devices. The SocialPet Camera & Treat Dispenser allows you to remotely treat and share photos and videos via the SocialPet Facebook app.

"Visiting social network sites is the No. 1 activity on the Web," said Randy Boyd, CEO and founder of Radio Systems Corp., makers of the PetSafe brand. "We saw the opportunity to make busy pet owners' lives easier by developing the SocialPet system."

Here’s how SocialPet works: You, the pet owner are given the gift of sight while you’re away. The system includes a camera and treat dispenser that can be accessed via a computer or smartphone through the SocialPet Facebook app. You can watch a live video stream, take and share photos with others, and dispense treats. You can also set a feeding schedule through the app.  

The SocialPet Camera & Treat Dispenser is available here.