B-Girl Terra: The 6-year-old breakdancer taking the world by storm


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Meet Dachiya Atkinson, aka B-girl Terra, a 6-year-old girl from Wolverhampton, England, whom many are calling a prodigy. While you were probably filling in coloring books at her age, this girl's already mastered breakdancing moves that adult dancers struggle to learn. 

The world got wind of her talent back in May, when YouTubers watched a video of her stunning judges with her flares and headspins at Paris' Chelles Battle pro competition.

According to the Daily Mail, Atkinson started taking dance classes at only 18 months old. Now a member of British b-boy group Soul Mavericks, she trains three times a week for a couple hours each session, in addition to taking gymnastics. Her favorite move is one that brings fear into the hearts of many a breakdancer: the headspin. 

Atkinson performed on "Ellen" with her sister, Eddie, a few months ago, and also stars in the music video for British dance act Jungle's track, "Platoon."


Performing at the Chelles Battle Pro:


On "Ellen":


In Jungle's music video for "Platoon":