A back-to-basics tire workout that gets everyone in shape


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A simple flat tire found at your local junkyard or purchased from a tire shop can reap huge results when it's used as a piece of fitness equipment — just ask Amen Iseghohi. He created Amenzone Fitness, a back-to-basics style of functional training for people of all ages and abilities that uses nothing more than a tire and one's own body weight.

Iseghohi uses the tire as a metaphor as much as it is a fitness tool. According to his website, Iseghohi's grandmother in West Africa used to say: “A tire is a great symbol of life, and to stay alive, we have to keep moving. Movement is required for progress in life, so let’s move. Keep progressing and moving forward.” This message has stayed with Iseghohi and is the foundation of Amenzone Fitness. It teaches self-empowerment as much as it does physical fitness.

Amenzone Fitness is spreading in the West with multiple franchise locations in Arizona and California. Iseghohi recently released the “Amenzone Rebel DVD Series” and has founded the Amenzone Foundation, a 501C3 created to help fight childhood obesity and encourage better self-esteem.

Watch this video clip to see the program in action:



Stretch: With right hand touching the tire and left hand on your waist, bend your right knee and lean in as shown. Repeat with alternating opposite arms and legs. (2 minutes)


Lateral Tire Taps: With one hand on your hip, and another on the tire, shift your body weight from leg to leg. (2 minutes)

Alternating Lunges:

In an upright position, hold the tire over your head. Step forward with one leg and bend the other leg on the floor. Come back up into a standing position Repeat with opposite leg. (2 minutes)

Plank Supermans:

With the tip of your toes on the floor and legs straightened, place elbows on the tire as shown. Lift one leg into the air while stretching the opposite arm. Repeat with opposite arm/leg. (2 minutes)

Squatting In and Outs:

With both hands on your hip and feet together, bend downward. Then with both legs apart, squat downward. Repeat. (2 minutes)

In and Outs w/Tire:

Alternate jumping in and out of the tire one foot at a time. Step in with your right foot, and then step in with your left foot. Step out with your right foot, and then step out with your left. (2 minutes)

Front, Back, Side to Side Plank:

Shift body weight front, then back, then side to side. (2 minutes)

Plank with Feet on Tire:

With feet on the tire, place arms flat on the ground and hold in planking position. (2 minutes)

Tire Press and Twist: With feet spread apart, hold tire straight above your head and twist your torso back and forth. (2 minutes)


Holding the tire above your head with your feet spread apart, squat low to the floor while pulling the tire over your head, as shown above, and repeat. (2 minutes)

Rocking Chair on Tire:

Feet shoulder-width apart, get into sitting position, drop down for push-up and rock back up to sitting position. (2 minutes)


Wall Sits:

Hold the tire in front of you while leaning against the wall in sitting position. (1 minute)


Repeat Alternating Lunges: (1 minute)


Workout (with tire)

Step Ups:

Start with one foot on the top of the tire and jump switching feet and tapping the top of the tire. Repeat this to establish a comfortable pace to complete three rounds of 3 minutes.

Side to Side Push Ups: Begin by doing a standard pushup on the tire. Next, shift your body to the right keeping your left hand on the tire and right hand on the floor. Complete a pushup on the right side and shift back to the center to repeat doing a standard pushup with both hands on the tire. Repeat on the left side and continue for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Explosive Knee Tucks (Core):

Sitting on the floor with your back against the tire, bring your knees to your chest and repeat. (1 minute)

Lateral Tire Taps: With one hand on your hip and another on the tire, shift your body weight from leg to leg.

Tire Core Sit-Ups:

Start in sit-up position with a tire between your feet. Use your core to complete a sit-up extending your body to tap the farthest part of the tire from your body.


Workout (without tire)

Sit-Open-Close: Sitting position, feet shoulder-width apart, open and close. Maintain position entire time by staying low.

Rocking Chair: With feet shoulder-width apart, get in sitting position, drop down for push-up and rock back up to sitting position.

Rebel Climbers: Get into mountain-climbing position, with feet wide apart. Make sure your feet are outside, shoulder-width apart, as wide as comfortably possible. Alternate driving the knees as far forward as possible between the arms, one knee at a time. This exercise is almost identical to mountain climbers, just ensure that your start position is with feet wide apart.

Plank Burn: Remain in plank position. Shift your body weight forward and back for 30 seconds. Then shift side to side, circle to the right, and circle to left for 30 seconds each.