Bake the ultimate chocolate chip cookie (and figure out what you’ve been doing wrong)


Chocolate chip cookies in oven

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Okay, so maybe expert bakers will think, “Pfft. Who doesn’t know how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies?” But if you’re not exactly Martha Stewart in the kitchen and find yourself wondering why the cookies you baked came out too flat, too chewy, too cakey or just not right, then check this out.

Handle the Heat explored a variety of ingredients and techniques and how they affect a chocolate chip cookie’s taste, texture and appearance. Cookbook author and blogger Tessa Arias deconstructs the cookie by taking a single recipe, adjusting the ingredients and preparation, and recording eight different — and delicious — results.

8 different chocolate chip cookie results

So, if you use more flour, you get small, thick cookies with gooey centers.

Small, thick chocolate chip cookies

If you use melted butter, you get flat cookies with crackled tops.

Flat chocolate chip cookies with crackled tops

If you use chilled dough, you get thicker, chewier cookies.

Thick chocolate chip cookies

Science! Now, you’ll not only know what to do if you get a hankering for baking soft, chewy cookies, but also what not to do if you want to avoid baking flat, crumbly textured cookies that look like a science project — albeit a tasty one. Check out Handle the Heat for the remaining results.