Baking, cooking and storage must-haves for the holidays


Colorful mixing bowls

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When it comes to baking, cooking and storing food, sometimes it’s hard to know what kitchen items you need on-hand to make life easier. Here, we provide a list of the basics, plus the not-so-obvious items you’ll want stocked in your kitchen — especially for the upcoming holidays.



Pots and pans

Seems pretty simple, right? Well, according to Real Simple, all you really need in this life is a stockpot, sauté pan and saucepan. While we agree that it really is that easy, we suggest having two sizes of sauté and saucepans for your different needs, such as frying chicken on the stove versus making an omelette, or simmering tomato sauce versus soup for one.



You may think this giant pan is only used for the big bird at Thanksgiving, but anytime you need to cook a larger piece of meat, such as a pot roast or brisket, this baby will be your friend.


Bakeware set

Although it’s called “bakeware,” these handy dishes are more likely used for side dishes, such as potatoes au gratin or macaroni and cheese. A set with different sizes can be really useful for leftovers that you want to reheat — simply remove the plastic lid and pop it in the oven or microwave.


Bonus item: Warm dish carrier

Here’s the “not-so-obvious” product of this bunch, but trust us, the next time you want to deliver a lasagna to a friend who just had a baby, or bring a dish to a potluck, you’ll be glad you had this carrier stashed away in your pantry.




It seems the options here are endless, right? According to Good Housekeeping, all you really need is two cake pans (same size), two cookie sheets, one muffin pan, one pie pan, two loaf pans (hello, banana nut bread!), a square cake or brownie pan and a jelly roll pan. What, exactly, is a jelly roll pan? Well, it’s basically a cookie sheet but with higher edges. Many people use it to roast vegetables or even make thinner cakes, such as this Mississippi Mud Cake from MyRecipes.com.



Some additional items you may want if you fancy yourself a big baker include covered mixing bowls, for when you need to leave dough in the refrigerator and you want it covered; a set of muffin tins with a plastic top for cupcakes; a round cake or cupcake carrier; a sheet cake carrier; and a pretty, domed cake stand, which can be used to store all sorts of treats besides just cakes.


Bonus item: Ramekins

These may be something you’ve looked at and thought, “There’s no way I’d ever use these.” But they’re perfect for individual-size desserts if you’re having a dinner party, or even for individual servings of a side dish. They also come in handy during parties for little nibbles, such as mixed nuts or dried fruits. Here are some ideas, courtesy of The Kitchn.



Plastic food storage

Whether you’ve got your mother’s 1970s Tupperware (this company is still around and still selling great products, by the way) or you buy the kind from the grocery store that can easily be tossed, plastic storage items come in a variety of sizes and can be used for leftovers or to take lunches to work. Remember: These items shouldn’t be microwaved.


Glass food storage

For the times you want to store leftovers in something that can be reheated in the microwave, glass storage is ideal. Another plus? You can actually see what’s in it!


Bonus items: Sandwich container and salad to-go container

We love these two items because they make taking healthy lunches to school or work a lot easier. The Klip-It sandwich container has compartments for snacks, and the Klip-It salad container keeps toppings and dressing separate until needed.