Barbell Denim creates jeans for athletic body types that actually look & feel good


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Skinny jeans may work great for long, lean types, but for those who have an athletic physique, finding a great-fitting pair of any type of jeans is as tough as the workouts they endure. When you have muscular glutes, quads and calves, it’s nearly impossible to love the jeans you’re in, let alone move around comfortably.

Functional denim to the rescue

Barbell Denim was created by a team of athletes who were sick of not being able to squeeze their quads into designer jeans. They created “functional denim” for men and women that combines cotton and spandex so you could actually wear them during yoga class, or while lifting weights at the gym. They look great, too, so you can totally dress them up for a night out.

Check out this video, and you’ll see people performing all sorts of activities in Barbell Denim like squats, lunges and playing football.

A Kickstarter campaign launched April 1 with a goal to raise a minimum of $15,000 to get their large-scale production up and running. In less than a month, they have raised more than $444,000 and still have 27 days to go.  

How they fit

Whether you choose the slim fit, or boot cut, Barbell Denim jeans were created to fit your actual waist size, which means you don’t have to buy jeans larger than your true size just to slide them over those massive quads. Even if you don't have ripped legs and glutes, Barbell says that you will still look and feel great in their jeans — just go down one size when ordering.