Beagle crowned top dog at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show


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Last week, nearly 3,000 dogs representing 192 breeds and eligible varieties vied for the opportunity to be crowned top dog at the 139th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The iconic dog show included two breeds newly recognized by the American Kennel Club: Coton de Tulears in the Non-Sporting Group and Wirehaired Vizslas in the Sporting Group. But taking the coveted Best in Show trophy was this fabulous four-year-old bitch sassily named "Ch Tashtins Lookin' for Trouble" a.k.a. "Miss P," a Beagle. Just goes to show that it's not always about unusual breeds.

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Speaking of breeds, how well do you know them? Surely, you can identify the more common ones, but could you spot a Coton de Tulears or a Wirehaired Vizsla? Take this quiz to see how many you can name correctly:


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All this talk of breeds might get you wondering why your Shih Tzu is built like a Bulldog with the jowls to match, or why your mixed breed pup behaves a certain way. Maybe there's a bit of nervous Chihuahua or territorial Jack Russell Terrier in there. Well, good news.

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Wisdom Panel, a brand of Mars Veterinary — a company that specializes in canine genetic testing — has introduced Dogtrax DNA tests. The test was designed for animal shelters to offer prospective owners information about a dog's breed history. Check it out!

Getting a dog is a huge responsibility, and making the right choice becomes even more crucial when you have young children. To that end, we identified some kid-friendly dogs for you to consider.

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And find out which dog breed was declared the biggest troublemaker a couple of years ago.


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Don't forget, adopt! Don't shop! There are lots of dogs out there — purebreds and mutts alike — who need good homes. Take this quiz to see which type of dog suits you best.

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