Beat cabin fever: Have an outdoor adventure


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It’s the middle of February, cabin fever is setting in and we’re getting fidgety. If you’re not one to hibernate, and thrive on trying new, fun ways to stay active, check out L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools. It’s an inexpensive way to get out, learn something new like snowshoeing or archery, keep your body active and have a good time. (It’s also an excuse to freshen up your gear.)

It’s pretty cool to be able to use your new gear to its full potential — like, actually using those new spiffy hiking boots to, um, hike. Choose from over 100 seasonal courses, trips and tours offered throughout the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest, ranging from cross-country skiing to fly fishing, stand-up paddleboarding to shooting.

Can’t make up your mind? Sign up for an all inclusive weekend getaway at a lodge, action-packed with two or more adventures. (Did we mention dog sledding?!)

“You can buy outdoor gear and apparel at a lot of places, but not all of these places will show you how to use the gear optimally, in addition to demonstrating how wonderful and fulfilling time spent in the outdoors can be,” said Mac McKeever, department of public affairs at L.L.Bean.

McKeever explained that the Outdoor Discovery Schools began in 1979 and were developed to make it as easy as possible for people to engage in outdoor activities by removing the various barriers to participation, and demystifying activities so people would be more likely to engage in them, as well as allowing people to more fully enjoy the activities and the products that support them.

“People love the Outdoor Discovery Schools and we love what we do there…we’re turning people onto a new and wonderful world of outdoor experiences and adventures,” McKeever said.

Beat the wintertime blues
Here are some wintertime activities you can still hit up:

Starlight Snowshoeing Tour
Snowshoeing Walk-On Adventures

Guided Lodge to Lodge Skiing at the Appalachian Mountain Club

Cross-Country Skiing Walk-On Adventures

Winter Sampler at the Appalachian Mountain Club

Winter Weekend Getaway at the Appalachian Mountain Club

Visit LLbean.com/ods for the full menu of activities, dates and locations.

Check out this video of their clayshooting class: