Beat the heat during your summer workout


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Did you know that on a regular day, the human body’s core temperature can go above 104 degrees Fahrenheit while working out due to heat produced by muscle contractions? Just imagine how hot your body can get on a summer day.  

There are certain precautions that we all have to take to protect against the heat while working out in the summer. However, whether we choose to run at dusk or high noon, during this time of year it’s hard to avoid the hot, unbearable weather. The Dailyburn.com, a fitness and nutrition website, offers the following tips to ensure you stay healthy and active this season:


Know the symptoms of dehydration

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, warning signs of dehydration include: thirst, irritability, headache, dizziness, muscle cramping, unusual fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hyperventilation, confusion or problems walking.

Drink water, but not too much

Avoid excessive water consumption, which can lead to hyponatremia. Hyponatremia occurs when the body has too much water in its system and electrolytes like sodium are so low that the body’s major organs start to shut down. Hyponatremia is deadly. If you plan on exercising outdoors, make sure to wear a water belt and add salt tablets to your running pack. Nuun brand electrolyte tablets come in a variety of flavors, and they come in an easy to pack tube dispenser.

Begin your workout fully hydrated

Drink 16 oz. of fluid 2 hours before your workout to start your exercise session fully hydrated. You’ll only want to replace what you lose, not the additional hydration deficit.

Cut out alcohol and caffeine in the heat

If you know that a heatwave is on its way, don’t drink coffee the morning of or have cocktails the night before. Caffeine and alcohol will suck water out of your system.

Know when it’s just too hot

Once temperatures creep above 90 degrees, you want to start taking even more precautions while working out. Instead of taking a run outside, move your workout indoors. At-home fitness programs still provide the intense workout you are looking for through online streaming videos and with an added bonus of having a certified fitness trainer guiding you along and keeping you motivated.

Calculate your sweat rate

It’s easier than you think to calculate your sweat rate. Simply calculate weight lost in one hour of exercise plus amount of fluid consumed during the hour of exercise. By knowing your sweat rate, you’ll be able to accurately measure how much fluid you need to replace your water lost without over hydrating.