Beat the heat: Top beauty tips & tricks to keep you cool this summer


Aloe treatment

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Summer is officially here, and it is heating up. The warm weather calls for long days grilling, hanging by the pool or chillaxin' at the beach, but just because the temperature is climbing doesn't mean your skin has to suffer. Here are some little tricks to stay cool and look refreshed in even the most intense heat wave.


Down pores

When it’s hot and humid outside your pores can expand and open, exposing them to the elements, which can lead to blackheads and those awful little bumps or whiteheads. Try using a facial toner or mist. Keep it in the refrigerator until you head out in the sun and spritz frequently on your face and body. This tightens your pores and keeps you looking healthy, and the cool mist lowers your body temperature. For a fresh summer scent, opt for rosewater, doubling as a toner and light fragrance.


Exfoliate before you shave

Shaving is essential before you're bikini-ready, but unsightly bumps and razor burn leave much to be desired. To ensure your skin is silky and smooth, we recommend using Alaska Glacial Mud's Handcrafted Exfoliating Mineral Soap Bar in Peppermint and Lavender. Exfoliating before you shave your legs minimizes the red tones and gets rid of old dead skin cells, leaving your legs feeling soft, fresh and beach ready.


Stay moisturized

It’s no secret that coconut oil is essential this time of year and provides many benefits to your skin, hair and face, but moisture of any kind is important. Drink lots of water infused with lemon or fruit, eat loads of watermelon and juicy fruits, slather on the lotion or coconut oil, and repeat. Double down on your products and create a beauty treat for evenings by using coconut oil as a nighttime repair hair masque. 


Aloe there

Aloe vera is another multifaceted product that is essential for the summer months. It’s as organic as they come, and the tiny plant is great for small burns, taking the sting out of insect bites; lotion for dry skin such as eczema, shrinking warts, makeup remover, and reducing puffiness around the eyes. Create your own garden of aloe vera plants and make it part of your home and beauty routine. 


Get muddy

After a long day in the sun by the pool, ease that red face with Alaska Glacial Mud's organic Purifying Mineral Mud Mask in Vanilla-Lavender, which softens skin and promotes skin-cell regeneration.


Lauren Padawer is a beauty expert and the founder of Alaska Glacial Mud Co., a line of spa-quality skincare created using mineral-rich mud found on the banks of the Copper River in Alaska. The idea for Alaska Glacial Mud Co. was born in the summer of 2001 during an extraordinary journey down the Copper River on a raft. Since that journey and every time a local resident mentioned that "somebody should bottle this stuff," Padawer realized she was the right woman in the right place at the right time. While the playful spa quality of the Copper River mud may have inspired Alaska Glacial Mud Co., it was the river and its inhabitants that gave voice to the importance of sustainability and activism in our company philosophy. In addition to being purveyors of the finest Alaska glacial mineral mud, we are also advocates for the Copper River Watershed through local philanthropy.