Become a morning person with these 5 tips


wake up!

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When the days seem short and the nights long, waking up early can be a real struggle for some of us. If you’re the bird who usually takes all the worms, you obviously have nothing to worry about. But for the person who is trying to squeeze 26 hours out of every day, here are some easy tips that will have you dismantling the all-too-familiar snooze button.


1. As your mother used to say, “Go to bed!”


The earlier you go to bed, the earlier you can wake up. Start winding down about an hour before your bedtime. Try to get all the last-minute things done within that hour. If there are things that you can’t get done, save them for the morning. You’ll be waking up extra early anyway. If you have trouble sleeping, read here how to get a better night’s sleep.


2. Set out your clothes the night before

You’re probably thinking “I’ve heard this before.” Yes, you have, and that’s because it works! Make a commitment to picking out your clothes the night before and save yourself time in the morning. Think about how cute your hair and makeup will be with all that extra time.


3. Pick a flavored coffee


Who didn’t like waking up to their mom cooking pancakes in the morning when they were kids? Flavored coffee has to be the adult version to this feeling. Set your coffeemaker to brew 20 minutes before you wake up, and the fresh aroma will likely lure you right out of bed. Coffee not your thing? Try this Morning Zinger Juice to wake up your senses!


4. Start the day off with a daily affirmation

Making a commitment to having a positive day will go far. Starting off your day with a prayer, scripture or positive readings will prepare you for whatever is ahead. Reassess your focus and tackle your day with a positive perspective.


5. Stick to your alarm clock

Make a commitment to yourself to avoid the snooze button the usual ten times per morning. That extra sleep between “snoozes” is only making you more tired. Hop out of bed and just take a few minutes to allow yourself to wake up. Lacking the willpower to get out of bed? Click here for some morning motivators.


Follow the five easy steps above and you’ll be a morning person in no time! If there’s really no hope for you becoming a morning person, at least you’ll have fresh coffee to wake up to.


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