Rockin’ and a-runnin’: Tips for a safe, soundtrack-pumping workout


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We’re always pumped to get out of the office, fire up our iPods and hit the outdoors for a run under the sun. If you feel the same way, then we’ve got some great tips for you before you head out on that next jog.

If you’re going to wear headphones while running or working out, be sure to snag a pair of Polk Audio’s Performance Line-Up — the audio industry’s first line of performance headphones designed specifically for all active individuals from the hardcore athlete to the weekend warrior.

The Performance Line-Up consists of UltraFit Sports, which includes in-ear, on-ear and in-ear canal models; water-resistant designs; contrast-colored cables for instant left/right recognition; iPhone/iPod controls and comfortable, non-slip.

UltraFocus Noise Cancellation includes in-ear canal and over-the-ear versions; contrast-color cable for instant left/right identification (woohoo!); on-ear Apple control for iPhone/iPad; and push-to-hear technology).

Don’t go running to the store just yet. The Performance Line-Up won’t be available until the fall. Bummer! We can’t wait to get our hands on them either!

And remember, safety first! HellaWella suggests using an app for your iPhone that will help keep you safe while you work up a sweat and rock out: Awareness! The Headphone App by Essency, or the just-released Awareness! For Etymotic.

This app uses the iPhone’s built-in microphone or your headset’s in-line mic to analyze your surroundings, and overlays any important sounds in your headphones over your music or audio book. You can set a mic threshold level so that the mic is only switched on when a sound is louder than your background noise. Amazing!

Click here to learn more about Awareness! The Headphone App.

Also, the American Trail Running Association does not advise the use of headphones when running because it’s likely that the wearer hears nothing around them. There’s always a chance a car, biker, fellow human or even wildlife can cross your path.

If you’re like us, a run without music is like a margarita without tequila: there’s no umph. Follow these tips from Runner’s World magazine before plugging in and taking off:

  • Limit yourself to listening to music only while on the treadmill or during races (although some don't allow it).
  • Consider open-air, or supra-aural, headphones, which do not seal off your ear canal, allowing more ambient noise to remain audible.
  • As for volume, keep it just loud enough to hear the music but low enough that you can hear the sounds around you.


What songs rev you up while working out? Let us know below!