Frankincense essential oil benefits for migraines


frankincense essential oil

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Have you ever experienced the debilitating symptoms of migraine headaches? These painful and highly discomforting headaches can last for hours, or even days at a time. Have you ever tried frankincense essential oil, which has been used for many years to ease the pain of headaches? This essential oil can potentially provide a simple yet highly effective way to ease and even prevent migraines.


All-purpose palliative

One of the great advantages to using frankincense oil to treat migraines is that is very versatile (see benefits here). It can be used to treat the early stages of migraine and ease pain and discomfort during a migraine episode. You can take frankincense oil via oral, topical or inhalant methods. It is important to buy the right kind of frankincense oil. There are many different frankincense oil products available, but the one recommended for the use of treating migraines is pure frankincense oil (Boswellia carterii).


Preventing migraines

Many people find that they experience early warning signs of a migraine. Common warning signs include a tingling feeling in the extremities, nausea and visual disturbances such as flashing lights. In many cases, if used in response to the early warning signs, frankincense oil can stop a migraine from forming completely. The recommended way to treat the early warning signs of migraines with frankincense oil is to place two drops on your finger, and then carefully rub this onto the top of your mouth.

Alternatively if you do not like the taste of frankincense oil, you can place two drops onto your fingers and then rub the oil into your temples. If you are sensitive to stronger oils like frankincense, then you can dilute it with a carrier oil first such as olive oil (suitable for oral application) or sweet almond oil (suitable for topical application).

It is also recommended that you try and identify potential triggers for migraines. This can be a complex issue, and in many cases migraines can build up as a result of numerous factors. However, if you understand what common factors can contribute to a migraine developing, you can work toward reducing the risks of getting one. For example, many people find that certain foods such as red wine, cheese and citrus fruits, when combined with stressful situations, can increase the risks of migraines, according to The Migraine Trust.


Treating migraines with frankincense essential oil

If you are already experiencing a migraine, then frankincense oil can help ease the pain and discomfort. As before, you can place drops on the roof of your mouth or your temples. Alternatively you can use an oil burner to release the spicy aroma of the frankincense oil. Lie down in a quiet, dark room and gently inhale the aroma.

There are a few side effects to using frankincense oil. These include nausea, skin rashes and stomach pain. If you're pregnant, you should avoid excessive use. You must follow the approved guidelines for using frankincense oil, and do your research to ensure you are using the product correctly for the best effects. Consult a doctor before use.