Best 15-minute workout routines that burn a ton of fat & calories


15-minute workouts

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15-minute workouts

Between work, commuting and our personal lives, there's often no time to work out — or is there? You may not need that recommended 30 minutes — or, yikes, a whole hour — each day to stay healthy and fit. A quick 15-minute workout may be all you need.

We've rounded up a few experts and found out their favorite 15-minute workout routines — all of which you can do without a gym!


Cherie L. SteffenCherie Steffen

NASM certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, senior fitness specialist, fitness motivator and weight management strategist


"One of my favorite fat-burning (and muscle-building) exercises anyone can do in under 15 minutes is weighted squats. Using such large muscle groups in your glutes and legs burns major calories and builds muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories burned — goodbye fat!"

As an added note, leg exercises have a tendency to burn quite a bit of calories because you are incorporating cardio and the heart to move around. So the added benefit of muscle fitness and moving around makes this exercise a great solution. Here is a great take from Men’s Health on how to perform some of these exercises effectively.


Amanda LoudinAmanda Loudin

Writer and RRCA certified running coach


“I'd say you want to do a combo of burnout exercises that really get the heart pumping and also tire out the muscles."

For example:

After an easy warm-up jog of five minutes, do two to three rounds of:

  • 20 burpees

  • 20 jump squats

  • 20 step-ups (both sides)

  • 20 mountain climbers

Of course, the key is to break for 10 to 30 seconds depending on how tired you are after each set. For a video on how to do mountain climbers, click here.


Brian WongBrian Wang

Cofounder and CEO, Fitocracy


“The exercise anyone can do in under 15 minutes a day — this is a little cheeky but I'm being completely honest — fork put-downs and table push-aways. I find that conscientiously controlling my intake is far more effective for fat loss compared with any sort of exercise, HIIT or not.”

For the record, this is not an exercise. The best way, according to Brian, to lose weight is simple: Put your fork down and push your plate of food away. Given that food intake can in many cases account for 60% to 70% of the weight-loss process, this is an important point worth considering.