The best part about yoga: Beer & wine tastings?


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Given the popularity of yoga, we’re willing to bet you’ve tried it at least once. And since craft brewing has become all the rage, you’ve probably tried that too. But have you ever tried them together?

Now’s your chance.

Craft breweries — and wineries — are getting into the yoga craze in a big way. Internet legend holds that way back in 2010, South Carolina yoga instructor Beth Cosi decided to incentivize her friends to actually attend her yoga classes by holding them at a local brewery.

She called it Bendy Brewski, allowing participants to attend yoga class at a brewery and finish with a beer tasting. Cosi holds Bendy Brewski weekly at several Charleston-area breweries, and dozens of copycats have followed suit across the country. 

We think Cosi’s reasoning makes a lot of sense. Be honest: How many times have you skipped yoga class just because you could? Or because it was raining? Or because you wanted to watch “Modern Family?” If you know your hard work on the yoga mat is going to culminate with a refreshing flight of wine or beer, you’d have to come up with a heck of a reason not to go. 

Breweries from San Diego to Minneapolis have jumped on the beer/yoga bandwagon. And if you live near wine country — an increasingly diversified section of the United States — chances are at least one winery in your area is holding yoga classes followed by wine tastings. 

While there doesn’t seem to be much (if any) scientific evidence touting the benefits of consuming alcohol right after exercising, at least you’re going to yoga class — which is more than a lot of people can say.