The best ways to get sexy, toned thighs


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Sitting got you down? Not only can extensive sitting be harmful to your health; it can wreak havoc on your thighs. If you’re not interested in the “thigh gap” but would like to tighten up, here are some of the most efficient exercises you can do to achieve your goals:


One of the best ways to tone and reshape thighs is with the almighty squat. Stuart Phillips, a professor of kinesiology at McMaster University and an expert on the effects of resistance training on the human body, told the New York Times that he nominates the squat as the single best exercise because it targets the body’s biggest muscles, including ones in the legs.

The basic squat, shown correctly below, will give you results, but if you want to mix things up, there are zillions of variations you can incorporate into your workout. Silly for squatting? Check out this list of 35 squats and mix it up.



Leg lifts

Another great way to tone your thighs is by doing leg lifts lying down. Lie on your side and do the clam, side leg lifts and bottom leg squeeze to work the outer thigh. Here’s a quick clip that demonstrates all three:



Scissor leg lifts work inner and outer thighs at the same time. Other variations of the leg lift include standing leg lifts and side raises or leg lifts that you do on all fours like this one:



Want more resistance? Place a resistance band around both of your feet and feel the burn!


Walk or run

Not only does walking and running provide you with much-needed cardiovascular fitness; it can also help you in your mission to tone your thighs. Walking or running uphill can help you achieve your goals more quickly than on a flat surface. Just remember to start out slow and easy to avoid injury and gradually increase your speed and incline.

If you are advanced, try out stair climbing and tower races in your area. You’ll scorch loads of calories and tone up in no time.