Big Soda has quietly taken to Twitter to defend itself


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Don't tweet anything mean about soda, high-fructose corn syrup or caffeine — unless you're prepared to duke it out with Big Soda on the social-media playground. After incessant bullying from the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Mexico and the lamestream media, those poor, helpless soda corporations just couldn't take all the hate anymore. They finally decided to pick themselves up and fight back — on Twitter.

Back in May, the American Beverage Association launched an online campaign called "Let's Clear It Up," creating LetsClearItUp.org to help all of the misled consumers who've been foolishly trying to make healthy choices. Since the scientists and health experts couldn't get it right, the ABA has heroically delivered the truth to save us all from brainwashing. Now you can finally put "myths" like this to rest:

We weren't aware that people actually believed that they could catch diabetes from drinking a soda. Most people know that filling your daily diet with too many unhealthy foods, like soda, increases one's risk of Type 2 diabetes.

On Sept. 24, the organization took its science-spinning campaign to Twitter, tweeting through the handle @LetsClearItUp. Unless you spite the Big Soda gods with a mildly insulting tweet, you're unlikely to know of its presence on the social-media platform. It rarely tweets something for the sole purpose of putting it out there for the world (or its 44 followers, as of press time) to see. Instead, it trolls for any mention of certain soda-related keywords — e.g., soda, low-calorie sweeteners, sugar, high-fructose corn syrup — and replies to them with its purported "facts."


For example:


Oddly enough, this wasn't the case when we checked the data:


And don't fool yourself into thinking that "studies" not endorsed by the ABA matter:


The handle even responded to one of our tweets, which shared a story about artificial sweeteners:

We're assuming the guy working the initiative's social media hadn't bothered to read the article, which was hardly an attack on artificial sweeteners.

Summation: Big Soda's pissed. And it's not going to take any of your crap anymore. So be prepared for retaliation if you feel the need to share anything even potentially negative about soda, its ingredients or its role in the obesity epidemic.