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As women, we are bombarded by messages all day, through television, magazines, the Internet and even our Instagram feeds. Luckily, we can use these sources as inspiration to feel good about ourselves — whether we’re working on our fitness, wanting to feel more stylish or simply finding the ability to love ourselves. Instagram has become an empowering forum for women around the globe to reach out to one another and help us love our bodies, regardless of our size. Here are 10 Instagram feeds you should follow to build your self-esteem and feel good about your health.


1. Alda Women: @aldawomen

Described as “a new collective of models that represents beauty without divisions … that doesn’t conform to any body shape or size,” the women in this group are powerful and work to spread a message of acceptance. The Instagram feed is full of images of fashionable women of different sizes and ethnicities, as well as messages encouraging women to feel powerful and beautiful.


2. Ashley Graham: @theashleygraham

Graham is the head of Alda Women and has modeled for Lane Bryant, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy and more. She launched her own lingerie line for Addition Elle (@additionelle) and produces workout videos under “Curvy Fit Club.” (Search the #curvyfitclub hashtag on Instagram, too.)


3. Michelle Obama: @michelleobama

This year is the fifth year since our First Lady launched the Let’s Move campaign, and to celebrate she has taken to social media with #gimmefive — asking for five things you can do to be healthy. She has taken the challenge to the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and posted workout inspiration from @twobadbodies on her feed.


4. Healthy Is the New Skinny: @healthyisthenewskinny

This Instagram feed is devoted to “exposing the harmful media messaging” that works against women’s self-esteem. Founded by Brad and Katie Willcox (@katiehwillcox), Katie has worked as a model for 13 years and has learned to balance health and self-love.


5. Lane Bryant’s #imnoangel campaign: @lanebryant

Lane Bryant made a splash this week with its new #imnoangel campaign, which seeks to redefine the word “sexy.” Models Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine and more came together for an advertising campaign showing off Lane Bryant’s Cacique lingerie line that takes a jab at Victoria’s Secrets’ “angel” models. Follow the #imnoangel hashtag on Instagram to see women all over the world proclaiming that they are sexy, too, no matter their size.


6. Authentically Emmie: @authemmie

Emmie may have started out as a weight-loss blogger, but she’s since transformed into what she calls a “fitness-seeking blogger, fashion-lover” as she defines her own meaning of health. Emmie keeps it real on her blog and Instagram feed, where she promotes body positive fitness and finding your inner strength.


7. Plus Size Princess: @ceceolisa

Challenging us all to find our fitness groove, CeCe started the #pspfit hashtag to promote healthy activity for all, saying no one should “wait on your weight” to live an amazing life. Her Instagram feed has tons of inspiring messages and workout selfies, plus fitness gear recommendations and fashion.


8. Tess Holliday: @tessmunster

Creator of the Eff Your Beauty Standards movement, this plus-size lady made waves recently after signing a modeling contract — the first five-foot, five-inch, size-22 model to be signed to a major agency. With more than 596,000 followers on Instagram, her style and empowering messages have touched a lot of women for being so real.


9. Eff Your Beauty Standards: @effyourbeautystandards

Created as a forum to show that differences are beautiful, women of all sizes and backgrounds use the feed to show off their definition of beauty — themselves! Munster has said that she faced bullying growing up, and wanted to create a place where women can embrace who they are.


10. Robyn Lawley: @robynlawley1

Sports Illustrated model Robyn Lawley speaks about celebrating all women in her Instagram feed, while showing off her sexy modeling images, sure to make a woman of any size feel like she can relate. And with her #robynlawleyeats hashtag, and cookbook, she shows that models do, indeed, like to eat!