Boogying away belly fat


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If you’re feeling a bit squishy in your mid-section, get ready to shake your rump!

New research by the American College of Sports Medicine shows that dancing may be the best thing you can do to achieve a healthier distribution of body fat. According to the research, college-age dancers had less abdominal fat when compared with non-dancers with the same overall amount of fat.

Abdominal fat is linked with increased risk for metabolic and heart diseases. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get into the dance groove.

  • Pump up the stereo and work up a sweat at home by experimenting with different varieties of dance workout DVDs — feel free to pause for a bathroom break and rewind if steps are a little more advanced than you expected.
  • If you’re looking for a different challenge, drop by your local fitness center or dance studio and sign up for an exhilarating class (usually lasting about 30 minutes to one hour).

From Zumba, belly dance, country, samba reggae, salsa, hip-hop and even cardio ballroom and ballet, the choices are endless. And your body will thank you!