Booiaka! Rump-shaking cardio-dance workout sweeps across the states


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The weather is starting to cool down, but we found a cardio-dance workout guaranteed to keep you fired up all year long. Booiaka (pronounced boo-ya-ka), created by Italian choreographer and dancer Tatiana Tamai (pictured left), uses a fusion of Latin, Brazilian, Jamaican, hip-hop, old school and reaggaton dance styles set to fun, up-tempo beats ranging from R&B to hip-hop to African drums. It’s an ideal workout for people of all shapes, sizes, skill levels, ages and genders — and it’s coming to the East Coast!

“Booiaka is based on muscle memory and easy-to-learn movements combined with a progressive increase in cardio,” Tamai, who also teaches classes in California, told HellaWella. “It incorporates choreography, yet it is not focused on technical steps. The class builds its movement step by step with repetition, making Booiaka easy to pick up.”

According to Tamai, you can burn up to 700 calories in a one-hour workout. And all major muscle groups are engaged — with a focus on arms, legs, glutes (from all that signature Booiaka booty-shaking) and the core. Check out some of the moves here.

East Coast dwellers can try this class out Sept. 18 when Tamai and her team bring Booiaka to New York City with a 90-minute class open to all. Click here for location and registration details.  There also will be a full day of training for dance and fitness instructors who want to begin their own Booiaka classes on Sept. 18.

“Booiaka has been expanding across the globe with Instructor Training Tours that have gone from Los Angeles to London, Phoenix, Italy and now New York City!” Tamai said. “We’ve been focusing on growing Booiaka by spreading the Booiaka movement, and what better East Coast location than New York City — the heart of cutting-edge workouts?”

“It’s the Way you Move,” is Booiaka’s official slogan. Tamai says she believes that people find the most joy in fitness and dance when they can move freely without fear of looking silly or being in a competitive environment. This is good news because this Fitness Sweatidor hasn’t taken a cardio-dance class in a long time and is sure to look silly shaking her money maker!

“[I want] everyone to be themselves, to grow, learn and maybe even discover an inner dancer they didn’t know about — but always with a focus on having fun,” Tamai explained.

Can’t make it to a class? Get the Booiaka DVD here. Check out booiakamovement.com for more information.


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