Brand minimalism: 10 logos stripped down to basic designs


Mehmet Gozetlik

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Brand logos are powerful things. Over time, they become completely recognizable, even if you were to take away an element of the branding. 

(This article on the psychology of logo design is an interesting look at the elements of brand logos and how consumers interepret them.)

While we are constantly bombarded by branding — on TV, billboards, magazines, etc. — have you ever considered what a stripped-down version of some of the most popular logos would look like?

One artist did and created a series of variations of some familiar brands. The brains behind the project, Mehmet Gozetlik, writes on his blog:

"Our last project is about simplicity, and we try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands. We think almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling."

The four variations of the packages, as described on Gozetlik's blog post, are:

  1. Original variation

  2. Simple variation

  3. More simple variation

  4. No logo variation


So what do you think? Do you prefer the original or the variations? Would the simplest version have as much impact as the designs we're used to?

Click here and here for more examples from Gozetlik's website.