Break out of your running rut with these routines and tips


Spice up your morning run

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When you’re trying to drag your sorry butt out of bed for your morning run, facing the same old routine might not exactly provide the motivation you need. Try infusing your run with a little something extra, like speed play and bodyweight exercises, and fall in love with running all over again.


1. A Different 5K


Via Darebee

Darebee has remixed the classic running distance goals to create new, fun workouts for you to try. You can pick different options based on your mood or fitness goals. If you’re feeling like a speed demon, go for the 5K race or the 10K option, which follows up the 5K race with a 5K easy-pace run. Looking to condition your body to face uphill battles? Go with the easy pace option that relies on steadily increasing your incline with each kilometer, or incorporate strength training into your run with squats or push-ups! These workouts are best for someone who is already comfortable with running the distance specified and can handle additional challenges.


2. Outdoor Sprint Workout


Via FitFluential

FitFluential’s sprint drill workout is perfect for shaking up your usual running routine. Its design keeps you on your toes, so you’ll never get bored. After a five-minute jog, you ramp up the intensity by alternating between sprinting and jogging, but just when your body becomes accustomed to one rhythm, you switch it up with a new sprint/jog combo. You’ll be at your well-earned cool down walk before you know it. Serious runners will love this workout, but those with less experience will want to work up to this kind of intensity.


3. Get Lit with HIIT

Tone It Up 

Via Tone It Up

For fans of Tone It Up, Sunday Runday is more than a slogan: it’s a way of life. Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, the Tone It Up masterminds who never shy away from challenging the TIU team, have just released a no-holds-barred HIIT running routine that volleys between sprints, jogging, skipping, walking lunges, jump squats and, God help us all, burpees. This workout is seriously challenging, so make sure you have all the moves in the routine down before giving this one a try.


4. Fartlek Countdown Running Workout

The Runner's Recipes 

Via This Runner’s Recipes

A steady-state run can be meditative, but if you’re not in the mood to pound the pavement, you could find your usual morning jog positively mind-numbing. Try the fartlek method instead, which breaks up the monotony by interspersing speed challenges into your run, making things more interesting and improving your overall running performance. Laura Norris, blogger and running coach certified by the Road Runners Club of America, has created two countdown routines, a short and long version, for runners who may not be specifically training for a race but still want a challenge. Norris points out that these workouts can easily be tailored to fit your body’s needs by varying the intensity of your speed segments, so it’s a very versatile option. Beginners, however, should look to a less challenging routine.


5. How to Use a Track for a Workout

Get Healthy U 

Via Get Healthy U

Get Healthy U’s track workout combines running — or jogging or walking, depending on your fitness level and mood — with moves that will get your heart rate up, like butt kicks, walking lunges and a karaoke. The workout caps off with a tough sprint/walk sequence. Overall, this workout is best for experienced runners who need an added challenge and want to expand their cardio routine.

P.S.: You probably know what a karaoke is, even if you don’t know it by that name. Check out this Expert Village video to see how it is done.


Change Is Good

Small tweaks in your running routine can be immensely motivating at any level. Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery. The RunGo app makes finding a new running path — or creating your own — easy! Check out our review for the full lowdown. Don’t forget about Zombies, Run! and Zombies 5K, amazing apps that will entertain you with solid storytelling and motivate you to get out the door, with the 5K option being perfect for beginners. And never, ever underestimate the power of a good playlist.


Be sure to consult a medical professional before getting started with these or any other workouts to determine what is best for you, and be sure to go at a pace that works for your body. Many of these routines are challenging, so plan carefully when incorporating them into your workout regimen.