Breakfast in bed made easy: 10 recipes, plus trays, napkins & gadgets


Breakfast in bed

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While it’s always a nice thought, the logistics of serving someone breakfast in bed can be a real nightmare. What foods will make it to the bedroom in one piece? How can I carry it in without spilling orange juice all over the rug?

Here are 10 recipes to easily serve in bed, plus some trays and gadgets that will make the whole production a lot simpler to pull off.

1. Baked omelette

Baked omelette

If your pan-flipping skills aren’t up to par, baking these ingredients in a casserole dish will result in the same taste, without all the culinary skills needed for the perfect omelette. You can easily substitute cooked bacon or sausage for the ham in this recipe from All Recipes.


2. Veggie scramble

Scrambled eggs may be your go-to, but punch up the healthy factor a little by throwing in some veggies. Oh, and cheese. Because who doesn’t love cheese?


3. Banana crumb muffins

Banana crumb muffins

Put together bananas and a cinnamon-brown sugar topping, and you've got heaven on a plate. Plus, not only are these muffins easy to transport, but you’ll also have leftovers for tomorrow (or an afternoon snack).


4. Scones

Scones sound super fancy. But don’t worry. They’re basically muffins … only more decadent, especially when served with jam or honey butter. (Speaking of honey butter, get that recipe from the Food Network).


5. Cherry breakfast cake

A crumb cake, like this one from Rachael Ray, is not only easy to eat, with fingers or a fork, but also serves as a “dessert” of sorts when accompanying an egg-based entree.


6. Peach yogurt oatmeal parfait

 Peach yogurt oatmeal parfait

Served in a fancy glass dish, individual parfaits are tasty and easy to make and move. This one from My Recipes is extra special with fresh peaches and a sweet sauce that takes ordinary oatmeal to the next level.


7. Kiwi-orange-mango juice

Every breakfast in bed deserves a yummy drink, and regular ol’ OJ just won’t do (unless it’s fresh-squeezed, of course!). Spruce up your beverage offering with this recipe from Rachael Ray.


8. Banana nut cakes

Pancakes in bed? Sure! Just made them smaller so when you pour on the syrup (which you could conveniently serve in a warmed gravy boat!), there won’t be any spillage on the sides of the plate. And adding in bananas makes this a hearty recipe.


9. French toast hearts

French toast hearts

Same goes for the French toast as for the pancakes — make them small enough (like these cute heart-shaped ones) so the syrup stays on the plate. Really want to impress? Serve this recipe from Taste of Home with fresh, sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.


10. Cheese grits

If your special someone hails from the South, you may want to serve a side of warm, cheesy grits to accompany a breakfast casserole or egg scramble. Keep you portion in check with a small ramekin.