Breaking out the BBQ


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Summer's here! Which means it’s time to take the grills out of hibernation.

Most would agree that a lot of food tastes oh so much better on the grill. Hamburgers in the oven or sizzling on the grill? Um, grill, please. But not all food is so easy to cook on the Barbie.

The No. 1 most annoying food to cook on the grill? Desserts. At least according to a grilling survey released by GrillWatch, conducted by Weber-Stephen Products — for those of you who care.

We know you obviously care about your wellness — and probably your waistlines — so this might be just the excuse you need to forgo that extra slice of pie at your next BBQ. But don’t fret; there are plenty of healthier options to indulge that sweet tooth.

Try a fresh fruit salad for a nice, summery end to a meal. You can even throw some fruits on the grill, though beware, they were ranked as the No. 3 most-challenging food to grill, according to the Weber survey.

For other grill-perfect recipes, visit Weber.com/Grillout. But use your judgment: Some recipes are healthier than others. Although one helping of beer can chicken never hurt anybody.