Budget-friendly, healthy snacks for traveling


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When you’re trying to eat healthfully, there’s nothing worse than being hungry at the airport. Airports generally deal in greasy fast food and excessively priced, fatty snacks, such as chips and candy. So next time you’re heading out of town, add travel snacks to your pre-trip “to do” list, and subdue your hunger with one of our cheaper, healthier, easy-to-pack options.

Eats_DriedOrangeFruitInBowlWhile we like the idea of eating fruit when we travel, the actual execution leaves something to be desired. Fragile fruits like apples, pears and bananas easily end up covered in brown spots due to the hustle and bustle of airport security.

Instead, get your fix by stocking up on dried fruits — most grocery stores carry the classics like raisins and apricots, but stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods offer a host of additional options, such as mangos, blueberries and strawberries. Or you can make your own dried fruit at home.

Eats_TraderJoesWasabiWowTrailMixWhen it comes to snacks that pack a protein punch, you can’t go wrong with trail mix. Gone are the days with just one or two options — now there’s a mix no matter what you crave. We’re loving the flavor-packed Wasabi Wow! trail mix from Trader Joe’s, which includes peanuts, almonds, cranberries and wasabi peas. For convenience, leave the big bag at home and just take what you need in a resealable sandwich bag.

3854575102zIndividually wrapped granola bars are just about as easy as travel snacking can get. But be careful — although a lot of granola bars taste great, they’re often packed with sugar. Try one of the many varieties offered by Nature Valley or Fiber One — you’ll get the energy you need but without a sugar overload.