New campaign creates buzz on dwindling bee colonies


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We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz on declining bee colonies, and you may be worried that in time you won’t be able to replenish your honey supplies. Well, one company is hoping to do something about it through a new campaign called, “The bees love organic.”

Nature & More, a Dutch-based international distributor of organic fruits and vegetables, has partnered with several environmental NGO’s to help distribute 400,000 free bags of organic flower seeds for bees in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Already in the Netherlands, a popular 1,000 km long cycle track along farms and countryside called the “Potato trail” is being transformed into a “bee path.”
One of the goals of the campaign is to promote organic farming. In recent months, several studies have come out showing that pesticides are to blame — at least in part — for declining bee populations. And mega seed producer Monsanto has come under fire for purchasing the lead research firm studying bee decline, with critics saying the company did so in order to sway the results in its favor.

Research into declining bee populations is nothing new, and many agree that several factors are to blame.

Still, no matter if it is the cause, or one of several, promoters of organic farming believe pesticide use is no way to support healthy bee populations.

Natute & More founder Volkert Engelsman said, “Since the ’90s of last century we have been trying to get across that ‘organic’ means much more than not using chemical inputs. Farmers in Asia, America and Europe who work with us recognize that the future of agriculture must lie in teaming up with nature, instead of fighting it. The bees are our allies, so let’s support them.”

If you want to learn more about the Nature & More campaign, click here.