Can’t sleep? Try these natural sleep remedies


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There’s no denying we’re all maybe a little too plugged in these days. And one major reason we may have trouble falling asleep may be our obsession with technology.

Check your email 1,000 times a day? It could be affecting your sleep, according to Tracey Marks, author of “Master Your Sleep,” who told the Huffington Post that people should limit the number of times they check their email. For example, she says you can check it twice earlier in the day, and twice later in the day, rather than checking it endlessly until the moment you turn out the lights.

Already limiting your technology consumption and still not snoozing? Here are some other natural ways to help you fall asleep:

  • Meditating at some point during the day can help lessen anxiety. Take in five deep breaths and let them out, or listen to soothing music.

  • Find time to prepare for sleep, such as taking a bath, doing breathing exercises or reading — with your electronics turned off.

  • According to WebMD, German chamomile taken as a tea can have a calming effect.

  • Passionflower supplements are known to help with sleep problems and upset stomachs. However, WebMD advises against taking large doses.

  • Drinking cherry juice or eating cherries — which are high in melatonin, a compound that makes you sleepy — was shown to help in a small study, according to Rodale.com.

  • Tryptophan, another element that can help us feel sleepy, is found in certain fish, such as cod, tuna, shrimp and halibut.

  • While milk also contains tryptophan, Rodale.com says the trick is combining it with a carb, such as whole-grain cereal.