Carbon offsetting simplified


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Reducing your carbon footprint just got a lot simpler, thanks to the launch of Climatefriendly.com. This new website, geared toward residents of North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and China, makes it easier than ever to reduce your emissions and purchase carbon offsets, ensuring that you have a minimal impact on the environment.

“We make it simple for businesses and households to take genuine action to prevent climate change,” said Joel Fleming, founder of Climate Friendly, in a press release. “Climate Action = Reducing your emissions + purchase of quality carbon offsets. Our new site provides the tools to calculate your carbon emissions and a wide range of quality carbon offsets that can help to effectively reduce your carbon footprint to zero as well as tips on how to reduce your emissions at home and at work.”

So how does it work? You can figure out how much carbon offsets to purchase by first calculating your footprint based on such activities as vehicle use, air travel and electricity consumption. Once you have a good sense of your impact, Climate Friendly offers a number of tailored carbon credits packages designed to offset your lifestyle. You can choose from a variety of packages based on the vehicle you drive or home you live in, or purchase a starter kit that takes into account the average emissions of a typical citizen of participating countries. There’s even an option for offsetting events, so no need to fret about the emissions of your wedding or other larger get-togethers you may have in the works.

Packages are available for individuals and businesses, and range in price from about $19 to more than $600.