Cassey Ho kills us softly with ‘POP Pilates’


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“Ready to get sore?” This is printed directly on the "POP Pilates" DVD alongside a picture of creator Cassey Ho hugging her workout mat. Friends, you know you are in for it.

Cassey is the founder of Blogilates, a health and fitness phenomenon that has resulted in accolades from Forbes and Fitness magazines; her YouTube "POP Pilates" videos have garnered millions of views. This DVD, according to Cassey’s intro video, has been two years in the making, and it does not disappoint.

Cassey is a glitter-covered drill sergeant. She guides the viewer through the seriously difficult hour-long workout containing intermediate and advanced moves with an infectious smile, bubbly personality and a pinch of sadism, delivering lines like “Work through the pain!” and “Train insane or remain the same!” She reminds us that mastering Pilates takes time and offers modifications for some of the advanced poses. Also, she might be psychic: After a particularly brutal bout of Mini Leg Circles in which I emitted a string of expletives, Cassey said, “Don’t say bad things to me. You know you want this; you really do.”

Cassey also tells the viewer to “Booty pat that out!” for making it through tough moves, and creates camaraderie by encouraging us to chat with her throughout the workout and referring to us as BFFs, making comments like “Why not look pretty and work out at the same time?” before a killer Dancer’s Sweep and promising to “kill your obliques” with the Candlestick Dippers. It’s a friendly butt-kicking that will get you moving. Special features include a great interactive menu that allows you to choose a specific portion of the workout for targeted body toning and a full-body workout card included inside the DVD case.

Overall, the workout is fun and made me feel more toned immediately. If you’re looking for a video that gives results, this is it. Newcomers to Pilates may want to check out Cassey’s beginner series of videos on her website to prep for the intense DVD workout. "POP Pilates" is available at Cassey’s Blogilates Shop.

As Cassey likes to say, “Sore today, strong tomorrow!”