Closeup of linguine with clams
A family favorite, this simple-to-make dinner, which features Vongole — Italian for “clams” — always satisfies. For more seafood recipes, visit Mindy's most recent post on her Meals on Heels Blog.
Closeup of Bloody Mary at a restaurant
No offense to the mimosa, but when it comes to brunch the Bloody Mary reigns supreme. We’ve rounded up nine of our favorites. Let us know which you think deserves the title of Ultimate Bloody Mary.
Bowl of peaches
Peaches are in season from June through August, but they are at their peak right now. So run — don’t walk — to your nearest farmers market, stock up and make this peach spicy salsa recipe, where...
camping food ideas
There are plenty of things you must sacrifice on a camping trip, like air-conditioning, TV and good old-fashioned toilets. But delicious food? Never! These 11 recipes prove you can still eat well...
Roasted vegetable salad over Israeli couscous on a plate
In ancient Rome, walnuts were thought to be the food of the gods. Here, they add a satisfying crunch and heavenly flavor to this hearty salad.
Yogurt-covered pretzels
It’s one of the oldest tricks in marketing — slap a healthy-sounding name on something that isn’t really all that healthy and then wait for shoppers to eat it up. Yogurt-covered foods, which seem...
Plated roasted corn and zucchini tacos
In honor of the World Cup final, I wanted to make another fast, but flavorful, dinner. Seeing as my friend’s garden has had an explosion of zucchini, it was time to get creative. And as a Midwestern...
Woman measuring waist
We all know that if we want to lose weight and stay in shape, eating well and exercising are pretty essential. But did you know you could lose weight without exercise or always eating healthy food?...
man eating from multiple plates of food.
While summer means that there is an endless amount of physical activity and beautiful weather to keep us moving — and mouthwatering healthy foods in-season — there also are weddings, picnics,...
Family eating dinner at home.
There are a few easy tricks that families can do to establish and keep good eating habits at home that will stick. For healthier habits, look no further than the kitchen.