Woman running in the sun
Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while you’re engaging in some seriously fun beach activities during the summer is just as important as keeping your body fit. After all, when they say...
Woman scared
Did you ever hear about galeophobia? And what about agoraphobia? Can you tell us what each of these phobias mean?
Bad breath
Our bodies do really weird things all of the time and usually it’s OK! Here’s a list of some embarrassing issues, and whether or not you should be worried if they are happening to you.
You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know that the caffeine in your coffee could interfere with your Z’s, but other foods and drinks could also be preventing you from getting the rest you need —...
During the warm weather months, drastic shifts from your cold-weather diet may leave you feeling less than your peak self. The reason: Your body is a highly adaptive machine and once you set up...
Woman putting ice pack on her neck
Whether you’re dealing with pain or swelling, try one of these cool and creative DIY ice packs, which are relatively easy to make and promise to deliver much-needed relief.
Brain dominance
Take this test to learn which side of your brain is more dominant. Your left, logical side, or your right, creative side?
Upset little girl at dinner table
Moms of picky eaters know that they take what they can get and worry about the nutritional benefits later.
Are you moral?
Are you a perfect angel, or just plain evil? Do you know the difference between right and wrong? Get ready for the ultimate test of your morality.
Walgreens Balance Rewards
Walgreens has rolled out a new Balance Rewards program that lets participants earn points in exchange for making healthy choices, including exercising, quitting smoking and managing chronic diseases.