effectiveness of insect repellents
No, it’s not how we’d like to smell either (although some claim to be odorless or even smell good), but if you’re going to be in buggy areas anytime soon, it couldn’t hurt to spray yourself down. And...
Dog on skateboard with GoPro
GoPro has just unveiled the Fetch mount, the company's first pet accessory, which lets your dogs in on the adventure.
Inviting a huge group over for your last summer barbecue? Don’t stress. Organizing resource Major Mom has some tips to ensure your barbecue is well planned, stress-free and fun.
Glass of water on coaster
Water is great for drinking — especially that first, deliciously cool sip the morning after you got kinda drunk on wine the night before. But when water goes on unauthorized adventures around your...
Blue paint
Everyone has a unique sense of style, so there can really be no “mistakes” when it comes to your home’s interior design, right? Wrong. Whether it’s ignoring classic proportions or failing to select...
While there’s no such thing as a “toxin-friendly zone” in your house, the kitchen might be the least deserving of the title. Eliminating harmful substances in this potential germ haven can go a long...
Mixing patterns and textures isn’t hard, and can even be done in subtle, yet impactful, ways. Here are four ways to give your home a little more pizazz.
Don’t get us wrong: We love cool gadgets as much as the next person — especially ones for the kitchen. The niftier, the better. But there are some inventions out there that are just plain unnecessary...
man cleaning counter top
Daunted by the weekly cleaning drill? Lessen the load by splitting it up throughout the week. No matter how long you have, there's a quick task you can complete to make the weekend's work a little...
What can remove stains, clean your floorboards and put polka dots on anything? Meet your new best friend: the Clorox Bleach Pen.