To the unknowing spectator, running appears to be a simple sport — physically demanding, of course, but not requiring much more than speed and endurance. To the runner, however, it is far more than...
Yoga outdoors during sunset
If you're having issues with your belly, butt and thighs, trust us, you are not alone. These common trouble zones can be tough to tone, but it’s not impossible. Don't think yoga can help? Wrong!
slip n slide
There’s no reason why adults can’t have the same rush of racing down a slippery runway into a pool of water. Build your own Slip 'n Slide and relive the fun!
Firefighter carring a hose
Sorry pencil pushers, no one’s going to ask for your picture in a calendar. Having a physical job has plenty of payoffs — looking good in your skivvies is one of them. More importantly, you’re...
Surfer cathing a wave
One way to get better at surfing is to simply surf more. Sometimes, however, this may not be an available option (weather, schedule, etc.). When this occurs, you’ll have to look towards the dry land...
Remember all the cool games we played as kids? We didn’t need iPads or Facebook. We spent hours outside playing the best games ever created! Let’s honor our childhood — and squeeze in some fun...
At diner table with plate of food and smartphone
When it comes to weight loss, following a healthy diet is just as important as exercise. The question many people face: What exactly do we put in our mouths for optimal results?
woman walking outside in the fall
Fall 2014 is a sartorial wonderland for fashion-forward athletes. Great textures and technology meet with sophisticated shapes, prints and fun colors for phenomenal fitness pieces that will...
Man lifting weights
Ever wonder how a football player goes into the next play with a sprained ankle? Or how a boxer — who is obviously worn out by round seven — can get back up and keep swinging?
Mother with child on her shoulders
If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you know that hitting the gym isn’t as simple as grabbing your gym bag and heading out the door. Sometimes — even after careful planning and spending the extra money...