Triathlons are epic simply for the fact that you have to prove what you’re made of — swimming, biking and running your way to the finish line.
We are all familiar with the traditional dumbbell. But we would like you to meet the next generation of handheld weights: the Dumbbell2.
Kurt McRobert, an illustrator based in Brooklyn, N.Y., created these hilariously accurate portraits of the different types of bicyclists found in New York City.
Deadlifts aren’t just for bodybuilders. Anyone can benefit from them because they improve posture, strengthen the core more than sit-ups and work multiple muscle groups at once.
If you need to step up the glamour before working up a sweat, try these sweat-proof finds and you won’t look like you’re melting in front of Sven.
In a push to fight obesity and include all residents from all social backgrounds, doctors at Boston Medical Center now have the power to prescribe qualified patients discounted bike-share memberships...
If you were sitting in your cubicle April 10, rather than working out with an exercise ball in Midtown Manhattan, you missed one record-breaking morning.
Spring is here, love is in the air and baseball season is upon us. Thinking of having an all-American engagement by popping the question at your favorite team’s stadium? It’ll cost ya.
Between morning sickness, fatigue and a slew of other symptoms, it’s understandable that pregnant women may not feel like exercising or are afraid of hurting themselves or the baby in the process...
Getting in a workout is very important, but what you eat after is almost just as important. In fact, eating carbs after you work out is one of the times when you can truly enjoy them — without...