Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these 7 delicious tacos



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Whether you prefer authentic tacos, fancy foodie-fied tacos or tacos from that  fast food joint, this roundup of our seven favorite tacos has something for (almost) everyone. So get ready to kick off the Cinco de Mayo celebrations by taking a bite out of these.


1. Al pastor

Chow down on this spicy pork taco with bits of pineapple. Wash it down with this blood orange margarita. Go on. It’s been a long week. You’ve earned it.


2. Carne Asada

Probably one of the most popular tacos among omnivores, the carne asada taco is best enjoyed with an ice-cold beer or two.


3. Carnitas

You’ve got to try these pulled pork tacos by Closet Cooking, which uses a lighter version of carnitas that you can make in the crock pot.


4. Lengua

These hardcore tacos are not for the fussy eater. Lengua is Spanish for “tongue,” as in the tongue of a cow. And if that’s your… cup of tea, then this recipe is for you.


5. Fish

Ah, the fish taco. You either love it or hate it. But if you’re on the fence still, then this recipe for coconut crusted fish will very likely shove you right into the team fish tacos camp.


6. Tofu

There was no way we were going to leave out our veggie-friendly friends, even though omnivores might also find they enjoy this vegan-friendly recipe for tofu tacos. Pair it with the lavender margarita, because why not?


7. Black bean and egg

No way were we going to leave out the all-important breakfast taco. And we do love our black beans around here.