Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with green avocado ice cream


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We're not saying you can't have your green beer, but maybe an even better way to celebrate this St. Patrick's Day on March 17 is with Magnolia avocado ice cream. … Ahem, did you read right? We said AVOCADO ICE CREAM! Why aren't you jumping up and down??

As hardcore avocado fans (see "25 reasons avocado why is the world's most perfect food"), we could not have been happier to have recently stumbled upon this green treat, just in time for the upcoming Irish holiday.

Made by Ramar Foods — a company that's been making tropical ice cream flavors for 40 years — the Magnolia line of ice cream is all California-made, using only California pasture-raised dairy and whole-fruit purees, most of which are grown on small family farms in Southeast Asia.

Other crazy Magnolia flavors: lychee, Thai tea and purple yam!

Do what you will, but we're starting a new tradition this St. Patty's Day with our new favorite ice cream flavor. (At least it won't leave us hungover at the office on Monday.)