Check out these 6 earth-friendly, non-aerosol hairsprays



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Non-aerosol hairsprays, once the second-tier alternative to aerosols, are coming into their own. They were once a big deal but fell out of favor when people realized that chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, the big baddies responsible for the hole in the ozone layer, had been removed from aerosol hairsprays in the United States in the late seventies, with a worldwide initiative to get rid of CFCs being enacted a decade later.

However, a 2008 article from Scientific American points out that modern aerosol sprays “still contain hydrocarbons and/or compressed gases notorious for their contribution to global warming. Every time you hit the button, then, you are raising your carbon footprint, albeit ever so slightly.” Those who believe that even small changes make a difference in fighting climate change or who are not keen on hydrocarbons such as propane and butane in their hair-care may choose to lessen their environmental impact and streamline the ingredients in their beauty regimen by avoiding aerosol spray altogether.

For those people — and for those who just want really fabulous hair — non-aerosol hairspray is a great styling option. New non-aerosol hairsprays deliver paraben-free formulas that promote healthier hair with good-for-you ingredients while keeping styles in check.


1. Joe Grooming Hair Spray


$12.50 for 8.45 oz. at Target

This affordable hair-care line takes a simple hairspray and kicks it up a notch, packing a ton of benefits into a non-sticky flexible hold formula. Here you’ll find panthenol, aloe, hydrolyzed soy protein and soothing botanical extracts from a variety of sources, including sunflower seed and cucumber, all of which will make hair shiny and strong.


2. Ouidad Finishing Mist Setting and Holding Spray


$20 for 8.5 oz. at Sephora

The weather is warming up, and those with curly hair will be feeling the heat. It’s not easy keeping frizz at bay, but Ouidad is the gold standard when it comes to styling spirals, coils and waves without shellacking them into submission. This spray is a shining example of Ouidad’s sorcery, employing jojoba oil, panthenol, hydrolyzed wheat protein and, presumably, magic, to create gorgeous, defined curls.


3. Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray Firm Hold

Josh Rosebrook 

$22 for 4oz. via Josh Rosebrook

This plant-powered hairspray is so exciting because it focuses on style and substance. It not only claims to create strong hold and texture with organic ingredients like brown rice extract and yucca starch, but also has a plethora of scalp-strengthening organic essential oils, including rosemary, peppermint, sage, thyme and lavender.


4. Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hair Spray

Number 4 

$30 for 6.7 oz. via Number 4 hair

Hairsprays often have that nostalgic scent that brings to mind beauty parlors and bonnet dryers, but modern ladies and gents may want something a bit more sophisticated. If you are obsessed with having a signature scent this spray could be your new favorite. Its fragrance is an alluring blend of heady amber patchouli, sweet tonka bean and verdant Spanish moss. In addition to its fantastic scent, this formula nourishes with a unique mix of ingredients, including yogurt extract and sunflower seed oil. You’ll be marveling at your shiny, healthy hair — and sneaking sniffs — all day long.


5. Rahua Defining Hair Spray


$37 for 5.4 oz. via Rahua

This eco-friendly hair-care brand’s spray is 90% natural, which is about as pure as it gets in the hairspray world. Organic sugarcane alcohol and aloe create hold and moisturize, while green tea extract actually helps protect hair from the effects of UV rays, an absolute must for color-treated hair. This is environmentally conscious beauty at its most chic.


6. Hairstory Undressed


$38 for 8 oz. via Hairstory

With layered shags and piece-y hairstyles all the rage this summer, you’re going to need a texturizing product. This spray is basically the next-generation answer to typical texturizing sprays. Haistory founder Michael Gordon is, after all, the man who brought the sea salt spray phenomenon to the masses at his former haircare empire, Bumble and bumble. Undressed texturizes without being drying or damaging, thanks to plant-based ingredients like aloe, rose water and hydrolyzed quinoa, so you’ll get dreamy hair without the stress.

Next time you’re looking for hairspray, try one of these non-aerosol options. The Earth — and your hair — will thank you.