Clear eyes guide: Contacts shouldn’t hamper your summer fun


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Contact lenses make life easier in many ways — no fumbling for glasses like Velma from “Scooby Doo,” for example — and can be especially helpful for sports players and other active folks. But when you’re swimming, hiking or hitting a baseball and feel your vision getting blurry, contacts may feel like less of a miracle. Check out this guide with your good eye for tips on playing your way through active sports with your vision intact.

Hitting the waves with your contacts in isn’t generally a good idea, as exposure to nonsanitized water can put you at risk for picking up bacteria. If you want to swim while wearing contacts, find a pair of close-fitting swim goggles. Goggles should create a good seal and fit on the bone around the eye socket. Raccoon eyes are a sign that the goggles don’t fit correctly.

If you’re heading out on a hike, be sure to pack clean water, hand soap, contact solution and backup glasses. To keep contacts clean of smudges, bacteria or even plant pollen, be sure to wash your hands before plucking the lenses out of your eyes if they start to bother you. Then clean off the lenses with fresh solution. Be careful if you’re climbing to great heights — contact solution can freeze, so make sure to bring your glasses as backup.

Contacts sometimes move around during vigorous activity, making vision blurry. Ask your eye doctor about special lenses made for sports players that are larger so they are less likely to shift during a game, and always wash your hands before messing with your lenses, especially if you’ve been sliding around the bases.