A clever new way for people in abusive relationships to seek help


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A simple, free news app has the potential to save victims of domestic violence from life-or-death situations. Created by Robin McGraw (aka Dr. Phil's wife), the Aspire app provides all the latest top news stories directly on your smartphone — with built-in features you won't find on other news apps.

Hidden within the app are ways to obtain resources on domestic violence and easily alert emergency contacts — called Trusted Contacts — if a dangerous situation arises. 

When you download Aspire, first make sure you have your phone's location service on; then go to the app's Help section. This is where you'll add your Trusted Contacts' names and phone numbers, and record an audio message that will be sent to them in case of an emergency. This section also offers helpful links and articles so you can educate yourself on domestic violence and how to seek help.  

If your abuser enters the room while you're reading through the Help section's resources, all you have to do is give the X in the top right corner of your phone a single tap and it will automatically jump to a random news page. If you find yourself in a crisis, simply tap the title bar — the bar at the very top of the app, also called the "Go Button" — three times. That message you recorded when you set up the app will be sent to your Trusted Contacts. 

Watch the video below to learn more: