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The virtual online landscape is plush with tools to live your best life. From calorie counters and exercise trackers to medical websites and eco-friendly advice, your Web browser has it all. But what about tools for your home? The Internet has you covered there too, and with the seemingly endless pool of apps and websites to choose from, you’re just one hop, click and a jump away from your healthiest home.

We’ve compiled five virtual home helpers, so start clicking away:

MyLowes Web tool
Lowe’s has launched MyLowes, the company’s digital effort to help you maintain, manage and dream about home improvement. Lowe’s shoppers can automatically track and store their purchases along with their customer profile online.
Customers can expect additions to the tool, but for now it includes such features as:
• A MyLowes card or key fob to track in-store purchases online;
• Home profile to create rooms and store floor dimensions, product details and notes;
• Folders and lists to organize products, projects and ideas;
• Purchase history from all purchase points; and
• Paint formula tracking after checkout.

Home Depot Project Guides
Attention do-it-yourselfers: Home Depot has a whole space on its website dedicated just to you. The company’s Project Guides offer step-by-step guides, required time, skill level and a list of the tools you’ll need to complete the task. A number of instructive videos teach how to park your car in a tight garage space, run your window air conditioner more efficiently and transfer plants from the pots to the ground, plus much more. You can also create an account to keep track of all your projects.

Price: $1.99
This app turns your Mac into a home security system. SecureHome listens for intruders on your computer’s built-in or external microphone and sounds an alarm to scare them away and emails you an alert with a recording to your smartphone. Your webcam will also record a video.

Home Inventory
Price: $14.99
Can’t keep track of all your possessions? Home Inventory has your virtual solution. The app’s photo remote, which runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, connects to Home Inventory over WiFi and allows you to walk through your home to add photos to your inventory, which you can organize by category and location.

Price: $19.99
For the green-minded, energy-saving homeowner, Domoto promises: “Powerful home automation for your Mac made simple and affordable.” This innovative system can reduce your home’s energy consumption and help you save money with its flexible scheduling. It gives you the ability to control the status of each of your connected lights and devices. And stay tuned for updates to the app. At the moment, Domoto works with Insteon-based devices, but the App will allow you to control other types of equipment in the future.