Closet makeover 911: How to decide what to toss [Infographic]


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Take a look at your closet. What do you see? A super organized haven of color-coordinated clothing that you can swear you wear? Then stop reading.

But if you’re looking into the deep recesses of pants and tops that still have the tags, don’t fit or haven’t been in fashion since the ’80s, then you need this infographic from Visual.ly to help you sift through the chaos what was once a closet.

It starts with this simple question that we should probably ask ourselves twice a year: “Have you worn it in the last six months?” It continues on down, checking whether the items fit, whether they were expensive, whether you wore the [wedding dress] to your wedding and more.

Once you reach the bottom, the infographic will tell you whether to “Hang It,” “Toss It” or “Donate It.”

(Click the infographic for a larger version.)

Uncf**k Your Closet

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