Combat winter dryness with these 5 fabulously fragranced hand creams


applying hand lotion

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Our hands go through a lot. They are not only constantly exposed to the elements, but also hand washing, while necessary to keep germs at bay, can sap moisture, leaving skin parched and causing painful cracking. Hand cream is a must, especially at this time of year, but even this utilitarian skin product can be used to create a luxurious experience, thanks to these heavenly fragranced, beautifully packaged mega moisturizing marvels. Go on, treat yourself!


1. Nivea Crème Travel Tin, $0.99 for 1 oz.


A classic, plain and simple. This tiny blue tin of thick cream is beloved by many for its throwback drugstore feel and price, and it works like a charm. This is a multipurpose concoction, but the travel size makes it perfect for hydrating hands on the go. Glycerin and lanolin alcohol help to nourish and retain moisture, while the sleek tin and clean, fresh scent will make you feel oh-so-fancy, even if you’re slathering this stuff on while sitting at your cubicle. This rich cream does take a bit of massaging to really sink in, but once it does, it leaves skin feeling velvety well after application and keeps skin from drying out and cracking, even in harsh conditions.


2. Human + Kind Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream, $5 for 1.7 oz.

Human + Kind

Hippie chicks, this plant-powered hand cream is for you. Its herbaceous scent is perfect for those who don’t like fussy fragrances, and nourishing powerhouses like cocoa and shea butters moisturize rough skin. Meanwhile, aloe, rosehip seed oil and anti-inflammatory marigold flower oil help heal haggard hands. Human + Kind is all about creating formulas that multitask to save you money, and this one is a winner. It sinks right into skin and moisturizes instantly, and it softens up even tough areas like heels and elbows.


3. Burt’s Bees Honey and Grapeseed Hand Cream, $10 for 2.6 oz.

Burt's Bees

Burt’s Bees products set the standard for affordable environmentally conscious skincare and beauty, and for those that need an everyday hand cream, this is a great choice. Beeswax, honey, grapeseed oil, macadamia oil and jojoba butter do a great job of treating scaly skin. This is another cream that takes a minute or so to really seep in, but your hands will thank you for your patience. Once you get used to the strangely addictive honey scent, you’ll want to use it all the time. The tube is the largest of the bunch, so while it may be too big for a tiny purse, it’s good for keeping at home for when you need a boost of hydration.


4. Tocca Crema de Mano, $10 for 2 oz.


Tocca’s Crema de Mano comes in several fragrances, but the Bianca variety is on another level. The green-tea-and-lemon scent is slightly sweet, bright and a bit earthy. It’s not at all cloying. Aside from how amazing it smells, it also hydrates like a boss, alleviating dryness on contact, thanks to soothing, moisturizing ingredients like avocado oil, aloe and shea butter. You won’t need to reapply often, but you will want to. And then, you’ll sniff your hands like a weirdo. Repeatedly. In fact, you might run through this stuff a little bit faster than other creams on account of how good it smells, but $10 is a small price to pay for little moments of Zen. Okay, and if Bianca doesn’t float your boat, you can try other fragrances like Stella, an Italian blood orange scent or the sultry Florence, a bergamot gardenia stunner.


5. L’Occitane Hand Cream, $12 for 1 oz.


This luxurious cream is so popular, L’Occitane claims that one is sold every three seconds. That may seem excessive, but it makes sense once you discover just how much good is packed into this sleek tube: shea butter and coconut oil, for starters. Depending on which scent you choose, you’ll find other goodies like honey and almond extract. This cream, which is never sticky or greasy, also comes in a variety of scents, so there really is something for everyone here. Floral fanatics will love varieties like rose, lavender and cherry blossom, while gourmands can try the honey, almond or vanilla scents. You could also just go with the original plain shea butter cream if you’re looking for a less perfume-y option. At $12 a pop, these teeter on the edge of affordable luxury, but they’re not so pricey that you can’t try a few scents and determine which one you like best.

Keep your hands in tip-top shape this winter with one of these gorgeous creams.