Coming soon: High-altitude balloon trips that offer a glimpse of space



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For those who have a big bank account and are in need a new perspective on life (and a real rush!), startup company World View Enterprises may soon offer commercial flights in a helium balloon that will take you into space for a short period of time.

Yes, for a mere $75,000, you could one day luxuriously float 98,425 feet — or 18.6 miles — above the Earth and witness breathtaking views of our planet. According to Aviation Week, a gondola holding up to eight passengers, complete with a bar and food service, would be hoisted up comfortably as the Earth is presented to you in a new light. No need for crazy suits — the gondola would be pressurized to one atmosphere throughout the flight.

“We want to give people that experience of seeing the Earth from space for hours at a time and being able to contemplate the curvature of the Earth and all that comes with that experience,” Jane Poynter, World View CEO, told Aviation Week. “By all accounts, it’s just magical. We believe it can be really transformative.”

World View hopes to launch commercial flights in late 2016. Its website says the "transition from horizon to the blackness of space will thrill you." Um, yeah!

All photos by World View Enterprises