Common-sense advice for healthy living on YouTube


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With all of the insane diet and exercise advice inundating those looking for a way to get healthy, it’s hard to shut out the noise and find practical, common sense advice for losing weight and staying fit. Well, look no further friends: The Lionsgate BeFit channel on YouTube has you covered with its series, “You Asked for It,” now in its second season.

“You Asked For It,” hosted by Melana Scantlin, takes questions from you, the viewer, about fitness and nutrition and provides advice from experts such as YouTube health sensation Sarah Fit, exercise guru Denise Austin and yogi Rainbeau Mars. Each episode runs under five minutes, so you don’t have to commit a ton of time, and ends with a brief roundup of the topics discussed. The show gives clear, concise advice on topics such as clean eating and setting up an exercise schedule, which is great for beginners looking for simple answers. The episodes also serve as a great refresher for those who want to get back on track and need a little bit of help finding the right path.

What makes “You Asked For It” so user-friendly, aside from taking questions from the viewer, is that the show provides links for further information, which gives the viewer tools to succeed in their journey to a healthier life. In its latest episode, for instance, they follow up a question about foods that prevent belly fat by pointing the viewer to Sarah Fit’s typical grocery haul, which includes a printable list. (Take note: Even clean eaters have Girl Scout cookies in their kitchens!)

Check out new episodes of “You Asked For It” every Thursday on Lionsgate’s BeFit channel, and catch up on what you have missed so far!

Watch the “You Asked For It” preview: