Compare your Thanksgiving habits with everyone else's [Infographic]


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What are your thoughts on cranberries at Thanksgiving? Your preference for how the turkey is cooked? What do you do after the big meal? Check your answers against this infographic from Tada! to find out how your answers stack up to the 4,509 people polled.

It seems everyone hates cranberries, and most prefer their turkey roasted — except for the one dude who prefers it "dipped in blue food coloring." Here's hoping he was 5 years old. 

Interestingly, generation Y loves turkey less than everyone else — 10% of them won't even be eating it. Men tend to overindulge more than women do during the holiday, with 26% of the fellas eating as much of everything as they can. Many of the folks making the big bucks will be watching football and traveling on Turkey Day — the wealthy are more than twice as likely to eat their Thanksgiving meal in a hotel. 

The biggest surprise? People actually go shopping after eating all that turkey. Eleven percent of women and 17% of generation Y will force themselves out of their food comas and hit the stores for pre-Black Friday deals.