The consequences of not vaccinating children, by the numbers [Infographic]


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After a debunked study linked vaccines to autism — and certain celebrities advocated this unsound view — many scared parents refused to vaccinate their children. Though the erroneous study was officially retracted back in 2010, misinformed naysayers are still causing confusion among parents. This infographic from Online Masters in Public Health puts the issue into perspective by illustrating the statistics surrounding the effects of children's vaccinations.

Perhaps the most compelling part is the dramatic comparison of reported cases of vaccine-preventable diseases in 1950 and 2011. The year 1950 saw a stunning 319,124 cases of measles, compared with only 212 cases in 2011.

The infographic presents a logical theory: "It's been a few generations since diseases like polio affected thousands of children every year. Maybe we've forgotten the immensely positive effect vaccination programs had on public health." In fact, vaccinations prevent 3 millions deaths and 10.5 million cases of infectious diseases every year.

Click the image below to zoom in. (Note: The statistic stated in the circle at the top of this illustration — "Nearly 1 in 4 children 19-35 who have not received all recommended vaccinations" — refers to children 19 to 35 months.)